Sheila and Justice pups

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Sheila and Justice past litter Puppies

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4774 Lake Manuka Rd.
Gaylord, MI. 49735

Dale and Jill Browning
(989) 732-2075

Trooper Heideman 1/2015 litter


Jude 5 years old 10-14-09 litter

best german shepherd in the world
Time goes by way to fast!

Sheila's Red Boy "Jude" and Raquelle


Jude McMullin 3 1/2 years old "Sheila / Justice 10-14-09 litter"


Sheila's Red Boy "Jude" Mcmullin with his family

Max is 2 "Happy Birthday Max!"

MAX June 24Th 2013 litter

Max one year old "Happy Birthday Max"

Patton and Romell Sheila / Justice June 24, 2013 litter


Patton 14 weeks old

6-24-13 litter

Rommel 14 weeks old



Happy first birthday

Patton and Rommel

Duke 4 weeks old

Keller family (Duke 1 year old on left)

Ajax Disley and Artemis Disley

Artemis Disley 14 weeks old Sheila's

6-24-13 litter

Ajax Disley 14 weeks old



Ajax and
Artemis Disley 2 years old

6-24-13 litter




Dezi Eugenio 14 weeks June 2013 litter

Dezi 8 weeks old


Beau Johnson

Mela and Vader Runyan 12-2012

Halloween 2012

Bella and Justice Halloween 2012
Super Hero's!!!!!!

Dozer, what a handsome boy you are!


Justice at 6 weeks old


Justice and Bella (Lia pup)

Camo 6 1/2 months old

Camo Hackbart

Camo 1 year old

Camo Hackbart


Sheila's Purple Girl "Frazier
Suesse (Zoo-sa)

Sheila's Orange Boy "Bogoyavlenskaya"


Titan - Sheila's Blue Boy "Amtson"

Sheila's Pink Girl
Misty Barone

TATANKA 6 WEEKS OLD april 2015 litter

Tatanka Fields
12 weeks old

Bella Rautiola 12 wks old

Bella 12 weeks old

April 2015 litter

Bella is 6 weeks old

Sheila's Litter 09

Red Boy - (Wander)

Purple Boy - (Duncan's Eagle)

Blue Boy - (Wylie)

Camo Boy - (Krieger Pruner)

Orange Boy - (Apollo Susalla)

Justice 10-22-10 litter

Mahilo's "Kringle" 10-22-10 litter


Brandons Leo 10-22-10 litter



Purple Girl - (Perrault)

Pink Girl - Stella De Nuit

Silver Girl - (Greta Von Forshee)

Sasha Crawford

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